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Without the support of our incredible donors and volunteers, we will not be able to help improve education, culture and social welfare in Asia. We believe that we can create greater impact together, and value every gift and individual. The following are some of the programs your gift supports. Thank you, from all of us.

The Alliance

Cultural Foundation

Junyi School

of Innovation

The Alliance Cultural Foundation



Junyi School of Innovation (Junyi Experimental High School)

Through Junyi School of Innovation, also known as Junyi Experimental High School (1-12), which was founded in 2012, The Alliance Cultural Foundation (ACF) hopes to build equal learning opportunities for children living in the remote. It tries a different approach to education through providing scholarships to underprivileged children, valuing innovative teaching methods which emphasize on developing children in not only academics, but creativity through the arts, humanities, as well as developing good character, values, independent thinking in a bilingual multi-cultural environment. We hope to inspire children through connected learning, internationalized curriculum, whilst integrating Waldorf education’s humanistic approach. (StoryWebsite)


Supporting Scholarships at the Junyi School of Innovation (Junyi Experimental High School)

The Scholarship Program was initiated to give opportunity to the financially underprivileged youths from remote regions such as the indigenous villages of Hualien-Taitung (Huatung).  The program encourages and gives opportunity to motivated youths in the 7th to 12th grade level that demonstrate positive learning attitude, leadership skills, as well as artistic/athletic skills. ACF has to date provided education to over 100 underprivileged students. It hopes the students will eventually be the seeds of hope that will bring positive change and influence to their communities. 


Ecotourism Program

Since 2013, ACF works with Taitung University Affiliated Physical Education High School (NTPEHS) – Taiwan’s only athletics school to develop the vocational Ecotourism Program. As only 3-5% of graduates pursue a career in their athletic field of study, the program was established to foster an alternative career interest and direction for the 11th and 12th grade students. The program trains students to become professional ecotourism cycling guides, a career path which not only is suitable because of the student’s former athletic training, but the natural Huatung environment in which students will be able to find employment in their hometown, thereby preserving the family unit. (Story)




Junyi Wonderland Center for Teaching & Learning

ACF believes the key to redefining education is to empower the educator; to empower them to shift from the role of the teacher to the role of the facilitator. Established in September of 2015, Junyi Wonderland Center for Teaching & Learning is a knowledge platform created for educators particularly from the remote communities which centres on Waldorf education, science-technology-engineering-arts-mathematics (STEAM) education, innovative teaching, the arts & humanities, and character development. It encourages educators to innovate while keeping a student-centred learning in mind, and to come together to exchange ideas. It gives opportunity for educators to continue to improve, to become better educators for students to have a competitive chance for a better future. (StoryWebsite)




Choir Camp

Since 2013, ACF and partner organization Harvest 365 has co-organized the Huatung Choir Camp. The annual summer camp aims to nurture and inspire talents, as well as promote choir education to underprivileged Grades 7-12 students from remote communities. Its theme differs each year, and up to 175 campers learn through reenacting excerpts of musicals, concluding the camp with a public concert performance. It aims for campers to develop inner talent, confidence, self-value; a positive character and attitude as well as a deeper interest towards choir education; and for its volunteers (university students) to find self-value through serving the community; as well as attain the skills to plan, execute and lead a project successfully. As the camp matures year to year, more variety of elective courses in music, the arts, sports, language, dance, computer science are included to offer campers the opportunity to further explore interests. It also encourages local and international volunteer teachers to exchange different teaching methods. (Story)


Industrial & Media Design Camp

Co-organized with Shih Chien University since 2011, the camp was established in effort to inspire and encourage youths from remote communities to develop in their design interests. As the remote Hualien and Taitung (Huatung) is in lack of design programs, in supporting its mission to build strong education and youths in the remote, ACF supports 15 youths from the Huatung region to attend the camp annually. In following the 5-day camp, together with volunteers, campers return to their schools to share their learnings with schoolmates. This not only helps campers revise what they have learned, but is an opportunity for them to express and to widen the horizons of schoolmates. (Story)




Supporting Scholarships for the Asian Executive Management Program

Since 2013, ACF has continued to sponsor Taiwan indigenous youths to pursue advanced study and internship at the Brigham Young University-Hawaii and its neighboring, Polynesian Cultural Center. Through theory and experiential learning of the tribal arts and culture at the cultural center, the eight month Asian Executive Management program aims to build self-recognition, confidence, and a skill for the student to eventually bring back to their villages to teach or use their knowledge. As Taiwan is the origin of the Austronesian language, an undermined fact among the indigenous communities, ACF aims to create the opportunity for the indigenous people for them to be further exposure globally, to return and encourage the preservation of the indigenous culture and improve the livelihood of its people. 

(Stories: Asia Executive Management Program at Brigham Young University Hawaii | Kwali's Story)



Hawaii Cultural Sustainability Educational Tour

Since 2016, ACF supports 14 influencers of Taiwan’s indigenous community – from government policy influencers to artists, musicians, architects to visit Brigham Young University-Hawaii and Polynesian Cultural Center. Through observation of Hawaii’s success in tribal tourism and development, the tour aims to expand horizons, and inspire ideas. Taiwan is the origin of the Austronesian language, and has 16 officially recognized indigenous tribes; ACF hopes to expand horizons, inspire ideas of government policy changers and influencers of Taiwan’s indigenous community focusing on tribal tourism, art, dance, architecture, preserving the environment amidst a tourism-driven economy; as well as open an ongoing dialogue between the two parties to improve governmental policies; and hopes to establish cultural exchange between Austronesian peoples of Taiwan & Hawaii. (Story)


Overseas Native Youth Development

Since 2015, ACF and the Vox Nativa Association has supported indigenous youths to attend the biennial National United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) Conference. After one year of preparation to improve on English presentation/communication skills and international understanding, seven young leaders and two teachers travel to the US for one month. The conference brings together young indigenous leaders worldwide to learn and inspire, to participate in cultural exchange, workshops, and activities. Youths supported come from different tribes and upbringing, allowing them to relook at their own culture through the understanding of another. (Story)

Junyi School of Innovation (Junyi Experimental High School)


Scholarship Program

One-third of the 7th to 12th grade students at Junyi School of Innovation (Junyi Experimental High School) receive financial aid. The Scholarship Program was initiated to give opportunity to financially underprivileged youths from remote regions such as the indigenous villages of Hualien and Taitung. The program encourages and gives opportunity to motivated youths that demonstrate positive learning attitude, leadership skills, as well as artistic/athletic skills. Through the support of our partner foundation, The Alliance Cultural Foundation (ACF), we have been able to provide education to over 100 underprivileged students over a period of five years. We hope these students will eventually be the seeds of hope that will bring positive change and influence to their communities. (Website)

Junyi Innovative Study Abroad Program

The Junyi Innovative Study Abroad Program was established in 2018 to support financially underprivileged students to pursue education overseas. The program reflects the school's mission and value to nurture internationalized individuals, for them to have a deeper global awareness and understanding of other cultures, to be confident English speakers who will be able to contribute positively to the world. (Story)