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Become a Partner

ACFI hopes to build partnerships with organizations that work to improve education, culture and social welfare in Asia, we hope to serve as a funding channel for organizations in our areas of focus and effectively pool partner resources.

Get started by preparing the following documents for the ACFI partnership application. All information and documents should be provided in English. Please email the documents to, and we will be in touch with you to discuss potential partnership. Thank you.

Required documents:

  1. A letter of intent signed by two executive officers of the organization on an official letterhead.

  2. A copy of the organization’s government-issued registration document for proof of nonprofit status. 

  3. A signed/registered Articles of Incorporation, or a signed/registered Organization By-Laws. 

  4. The organization’s most recent financial statement, audited if available. This statement should reflect actual expenditures and funds received during its most recent fiscal year. 

  5. A list of the organization’s Directors of the Board, titles, and company associations. 

  6. A list of the organization’s management (legal representatives).

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