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Founded in 2009, The Alliance Cultural Foundation (ACF) works with partners to build a sustainable future for the Hualien-Taitung (Huatung) area.  We focus on five areas – redefining education and empowering the youths, educators, indigenous communities, inspiring talents, nurturing existing businesses; and we hope to uplift the education of rural Huatung, and empower its youths to envision the possibility of a different future.


In a pristine area inhabited primarily by natives, we empower the youths by taking the lead in experimental education, we empower the educator by supporting reformers as well as give opportunity for re-education, we inspire talents by creating diverse learning atmospheres through thematic camps, we empower the indigenous communities by providing opportunity for further education, we build a future for the people of Huatung by nurturing existing businesses to help provide employment opportunities and reduce rural and urban migration.


We are an Alliance that works with partners and organizations to help achieve highest social impact by integrating the right resources to the right projects. (Website)

The Alliance Cultural Foundation (1)

Since its founding, The Alliance Cultural Foundation (ACF) has worked to build sustainable development in the remote Hualien-Taitung (Huatung) region of Taiwan. With education at the root of lasting change, ACF founded the Junyi School of Innovation (Junyi Experimental High School) in Taitung. Recognizing that the key problem of education in the remote stems from the discrepancy of teaching resources available, Junyi School of Innovation hopes to redefine education and break through the traditional education system and its emphasis on examination results.


Junyi School of Innovation believes in developing the youth in not only academics, but the arts, humanities, as well as good character, values, independent thinking in a bilingual multi-cultural environment. In an era that offers immediate access to information, we strive to inspire the youth through connected learning, internationalized curriculum, whilst integrating Waldorf education’s humanistic approach. One-third of our secondary school students receive financial aid, and come from some of the most remote indigenous villages of the Huatung region. We believe they are the seeds of hope for the future of Huatung. (Website)

Junyi Experimental High School (1)
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